Ready for the special island?


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A trip to La Gomera, the third smallest Canary Island in the middle of the Atlantic Sea, is a special experience.

La Gomera offers impressive:
wildly romantic nature


natural beaches



mystical forests


magical places



breathtaking views



unforgotten sunsets



impressive flora



moments of happiness with dolphins



interesting excursions



The island is a paradise for hikers, climbers, mountain bikers, scuba divers, those looking for peace and silence, artists, musicians and everyone who is looking for something special far away from mass tourism.

A highlight in the southwest of the island is the sunny Valle Gran Rey. The 10 km long “Valley of the great king” meanders from the mountains to the sea.

Past picturesque places such as the artist village El Guro with its beautiful hiking trail to the waterfall,

The colorful staircase village of La Calera

Up to the main towns of Vueltas and La Playa by the sea.
Vueltas, the rustic fishing village at the harbor,

Its fish restaurants, narrow alleys and colorful shops and a small sandy beach that is ideal for swimming, especially for children.

Our Apartamento Chico with sea view is located directly at the harbor.
About 1 kilometer further lies the small town of La Playa with a beach promenade with cafes and restaurants,

A plaza with artists and musicians.
Here we rent our Apartamento Lona with pool and sea view. It is right next to the ocean and just a few minutes to La Playa beach

and also close to the large, wild and romantic beach of Playa Ingles, which is just outside of La Playa.